Dalmiro Buigues

Dalmiro Buigues is a graphic designer from San Juan, Argentina, but now lives in Buenos Aires working with Injaus Design. His abilities as a motion designer and 3D artist has secured him clients such as The Grammys and Nickelodeon. His way of seeing the world is through details, colors, textures and programming codes. Thanks to design he was able to join all this in a profession that allowed him to enter completely in the visual world.

Tim Cooper

With over 25 years experience within the 2D and 3D industry, Tim Cooper 3D has worked alongside some of the world's largest and leading brands. Tim Cooper 3D offers graphic designers, product/packaging developers, luxury goods companies and advertising agencies the complete solution for picture perfect 3D computer generated imagery (CGI) Whether a small local business, a large global company or a creative individual Tim Cooper 3D can bring your visions to life.

Mike Campau

Mike Campau is a big city talent with a small town attitude. While at the University of Michigan, Mike dabbled in scientific illustration, graphic design and photography. After graduating with a B.F.A., he finally found his passion of digital art - combining photography, illustration and cgi. His random interests now started to make sense.